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Original Proposal for Oberlin College Winter Term 2015: Diverse Fantastic Fiction

I will be compiling a database of science fiction and fantasy books that demonstrate diversity in sexuality/gender, race, disability, and other aspects.

My hope is that this will both promote existing but less well-known books, and inspire authors to write more and publishers to make them available. I feel that too much time and effort is spent criticizing whatever’s currently popular, sometimes to the extent of nitpicking, for not having enough diversity instead of finding the books that do and celebrating them. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I will keep updating the collection after January, but by the end of the month I hope to have a select list of 100 books that represents a good cross-section of my database. These will be added to the Mudd Library collection and put on display later in Spring Semester.

Winter Term Reflection Essay

Oberlin Library Display

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About Me

My name is Kate Diamond, and I’m a student at Oberlin College.

I’ve always loved science fiction and fantasy stories. I love the idea of seeing new worlds, seeing characters go out and explore and meet new and different people and then work together with these new friends to achieve great things.

All sorts of people should be able to enjoy these stories, and find people like them in these worlds. On the surface, it looks like there’s not much diversity in the genre, but a glance deeper reveals lots of books with all sorts of diversity, both old and fresh off the presses. And I want to share that with the world. I’m tired of rounds of criticizing the mainstream. It’s time to go searching for something new to read and share and love.

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