Want to write a guest review, or send a review copy?  Contact me!

Guidelines for Guest Reviewers:
  • Write about a book you like! Something you thought was amazing and want to share with the world, or something that had a special perspective that should be known. What makes this book special?
  • Discuss both the diversity and the plot. Identities are important, but they shouldn’t define people. At the same time, they shouldn’t be ignored. The characters, the world, and the plot are all important parts of a story.
  • Keep a positive tone. Promote the book on its own terms, not by comparing it to ones you didn’t like. Don’t bash other works or authors, or make negative comments about what’s “typical” in the genre.
  • Keep your reviews spoiler-free! If some future plot development is really important to you, you can hint at it, but don’t give away the ending!
  • And, of course, please avoid offensive or possibly-offensive language or swearing in your reviews.

Note: Many of these books were received free through Netgalley or direct from publishers.



Heralds of Valdemar


Children of the Triad

The Oracle


Second Contacts

Keep the Stars Running

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Love in the Gilded Age

The Sea is Ours

Guest Reviews:


Full Fathom Five

The Mirror Empire

The Song of Achilles

4.5 – 5 stars:


Cage the Darlings

Late Summer, Early Spring

The Elephant and Macaw Banner

The Long Way To a Small Angry Planet

The Strange Case of the Big Sur Benefactor



The Scorpion Rules


Sword of the Guardian

Spinning Starlight


Banished Sons of Poseidon

The High King’s Golden Tongue


You Promised Me Two Years



4 stars:


Slaying Dragons

Sacrificial Lamb Cake

The Beast of Callaire

The Secret of Mermaid Cove


Mad About the Hatter

The Mark of Noba

The Prince and the Program


Idol of Bone

Aliens on Holiday

Crystal Cadets

From Stars They Fell

3 stars:

Being Cosmopolitan Demands a Sacrifice


Beneath the Scales

Old Green World

Witches and Wolves

In the Hours of Darkness



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