Review: Pathfinder


Sequel to Advance

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Reasons For Inclusion: F/F romance

My Review:

(4.5/5 stars)

I think I liked this more than the first book in the series! Despite a fairly awkward beginning, I found the characters very likable and the plot compelling.

On another ship heading away from Oconodus to a world free of the mutant Changers, two women from very different backgrounds meet, save the day, and fall in love along the way. Briar is a neonatal nurse dedicated to her patients- and to her clairvoyant sister Caya. Both their lives are at risk if the authorities ever find out that Briar faked their medical records to hide the fact that Caya is a Changer. Chief Engineer Adina expected hard work, but she never imagined she’d be caught up fighting sabotage and terrorism that threatens to destroy the entire ship.

I loved watching their relationship grow. From their first meeting, they’re impressed and intrigued by each other. This matures into an easy friendship, and from there into dancing, kisses, and more. Meanwhile both are influenced by family relationships: Briar trying to protect Caya, Adina dealing with her controlling mother.

While the attacks on the ship were never really explained very well, they made for a nice background for the characters and several thrilling scenes in their own right.

Pathfinder felt a lot more organized than Advance. The plot was less episodic (although I wasn’t bothered by that in the first book anyway) and the relationships made more sense.  The Changer situation, and the inherent problems in judging people by genetics and possibility, is explored in detail. The President from the first book is fleshed out more as well. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!


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