Resources Quick List


Websites, Articles, Journals

Awards, Authors, Publishers

Book Lists

Webcomics and Free Books


Less Than Three Press

Dreamspinner Press

Blind Eye Books

Harmony Ink Press

Vitality: Queer Fiction Magazine


Gaylactic Spectrum Awards

James Tiptree Jr Award

Lambda Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy

Book Lists

LGBT+ Fantasy Book Rec List

Sex/Gender in Science Fiction Rec List

List of LGBT Positive Publishers

Disability in Kid Lit Book List

Diversity in Fantasy and Science Fiction Lists

Ace/Aro Reading List

Duane Simolke’s Gay Scifi/Fantasy/Horror List

Rainbow Project List

Must-Read SFF By Authors of Color


Muse Rising

The Lesbrary



Minority Monsters

Order of the Stick

Gunnerkrigg Court

Dresden Codak

O Human Star

Eth’s Skin

Valley of the Silk Sky

Star Trip




Questionable Content

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