Anthology: Lovely, Dark, and Deep


Less Than Three Press

Reasons for Inclusion: Queer romances (mostly M/M), several stories feature trans or genderqueer characters. Several stories feature characters of color and non-western settings.

Publisher’s Summary: Wolves, fairies, ghosts, monsters, lost campers, witches… Fiction is rife with tales of what happens to travelers who ignore warnings and venture deep into dark and mysterious woods… and occasionally about what comes out of them.

My Review:

(4/5 stars)

(ARC received from Netgalley)

Wilderness has always held a place in the human imagination as a place of monsters, of spirits, of hidden civilizations. These stories explore all of that with a huge helping of queer romance. The forest is forbidden, or the forest is home. The forest is full of monsters, or wonders. And when the outsiders meet the residents of these strange places, things are going to get exciting.

I liked most of these stories. A few were a bit too strange for my liking, or just didn’t interest me. There’s a huge variety, so there’s going to be something for everybody.

My favorites were Beneath the Hollow Hills, where a woman searching for food is captured by an elven camp who must then decide whether they can trust her, Dragon’s Curse, where an undead squire goes on a quest to help a princess and a dragon, and The Warmth of Home, where a man rescues an injured crane in the forest and gains a new friend- and then partner. 


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