Review: The Elephant and Macaw Banner

Note: I don’t normally include short stories on AOW, but as this is part of a series (and very good) I’ll feature it here.

Reasons for Inclusion: African deuteragonist, Brazilian and West African mythology

Publisher’s Summary: Welcome to a world of muskets and magic.
In The Elephant and Macaw Banner series, two brave adventurers–the Dutch explorer Gerard van Oost and Yoruban warrior Oludara–travel the unexplored wilderness of sixteenth-century Brazil. Along the way, the encounter a host of creatures inspired by Brazilian folklore: from the brain-sucking Kalobo to the one-legged prankster Sacy-Perey.

My Review:

(5/5 stars)

The Fortuitous Meeting is an engrossing beginning to a series of stories that will hopefully continue to grow.

Two men, one a Dutch explorer and the other an African slave, find themselves stuck in Brazil. Gerard Van Oost can’t find an exploring team that will take him. Oludara is about to be sold on by the slave traders. But both have what they need to help each other- and so begins their adventure.

This is a colorful story with a deep sense of what Gerard calls “beauty, mystery, and magic”. Both Africa and the New World are populated by creatures out of folklore, and like the heroes of folklore, Gerard and Oludara have to use their wits, not brute strength, to outsmart the monsters.

This first installment offers two clever heroes, a taste of myths not often seen in Western literature, and a Brazil full of tricks and magic.

(ARC received from Netgalley)


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