Review: ODY-C

Publisher: Image Comics

Reasons for Inclusion: All-feminine (although some are of a third gender) and majority queer cast

Publisher’s Summary: An eye-searing, mind-bending, gender-shattering epic science fiction retelling of Homer’s Odyssey starting with the end of a great war in the stars and the beginning of a very long journey home for Odyssia and her crew of warriors. The journey to Ithicaa begins HERE, by Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals) and Christian Ward (Infinite Vacation, Olympus).

My Review:

(4/5 stars)

Colorful, queer, and full of ladies of all shapes and sizes, ODY-C is an all-female space-faring take on The Odyssey. And it’s exactly as amazing as that sounds.

The art can get pretty abstract, but the plot is clear enough and the visuals are always stunning.

Odyssia and her fellows seem to command their ship through a mental link. An early incident proves her ruthlessness towards anyone who disturbs the process. She’s dedicated to her ship and crew, and goes to great lengths to defend them.

There are technically still two genders, even after Zeus killed all men so that she would never be overthrown by a child. The sebex are feminine-appearing, go by “she”, and allow the women to have babies.

Odyssia’s crew travels through the points of the myth: the Lotus Eaters trap, the Cyclops, and others. At times, the battles get much too gruesome, but the rest of the comic makes up for it.

Even in an mostly-female universe, I like the reminder that some women are still straight. But the fact that as soon as a man shows up he starts being bad to women, that’s a little annoying. I’d rather have the rare man or two be good guys.

There wasn’t a lot of character interaction. The focus was mainly on the journey. I would have liked to get to know Odyssia and her crew better than we did.

But overall, the comic was amazing. A colorful space adventure full of ladies and mythology is something that a lot of people are going to love.

(ARC received through Netgalley)


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