Merry Christmas!

Added a header image.

I’m up to 109 books. Finding some very good online resources, including Tor’s series on nonbinary gender in science fiction, the Gaylactic Spectrum award for LGBTQ scifi, and the James Tiptree Jr Award, given to scifi books that “help expand understanding of gender.”

I’ll keep a resources page with the awards, blogs, and specific publishers I use to find books for my list.

I’ve done some more PHP/SQL work, and now I have a rough search-by-tag webpage, so I can see all the books categorized with a particular tag.

On the series issue, I’ve decided that I’ll include entries for all the books in a series if they fit, and if there’s a particular book in a series that fits, I’ll include it with a note (such as Clariel by Garth Nix, which features an asexual protagonist and is a prequel to the rest of the Abhorsen series, which is very good but doesn’t fit my criteria here)

Later I’m going to ask how and if the Oberlin library can acquire digital books.


“Alien” isn’t really a diversity marker tag; it’s more of a content warning (albeit a minor one- marking that a genderqueer character is particularly non-human). How should I deal with that and other warnings?


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