Second Update 12/23

I now have local webpages for browsing and adding to the list!

I seem to be proving my point even more than I expected. I’m finding so many books that could go in the database. Many authors (some I already knew!) have dozens of books that fit. And even barely dipping into African, Asian, and South American SF/F (and of that, the English-language or translated body of work) is finding me dozens and dozens of books. I’m getting more and more annoyed at the people who say that science fiction is “all white”- that attitude ignores all these amazing authors.

I think I’m going mainly for quantity here, so for authors with many books I’ll include most of them, instead of just the most notable.


In January I’ll start featuring my favorite books from the collection on this blog.


Again wondering if I should add every book in a series or add a series as one entry. If I do that, what about books with upcoming sequels?

Should I have a matriarchy tag? That would apply to the Clickers in Daughter of Elysium and the culture in The Exile and the Sorceress. But there’s already a lot of overlap between my “all-female” and “queered culture” tags. Maybe matriarchies and all-female worlds are subtypes of queered culture?


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