Early Progress

I’ve created a mySQL database and begun entering books into it. User interface, display, and search functions will come later. I’m including title, author, cover image, my reasons for adding it, specific tags, whether it’s a personal favorite, a space to add publisher’s summary later on, publication date, whether it is digital-only, and if needed, a series ID number to reference another table of series titles.

Current Problems:

How to enter boolean true/false values for values such as “digital only” and “editor favorite”?

How to note background or brief instances of my tagged criteria?

How to tag anthologies that might meet several tags in different stories?

What about incorrect publisher’s summaries? Should I replace those with my own?

Specific Questions:

The back cover text on Magic’s Pawn is factually incorrect. Should I find another edition, or write my own? Same for Children of the Triad. All the summaries avoid the id/idre/ids pronoun usage, and the back of Delan the Mislaid glaringly uses “it”.

Silent Dances, featuring a deaf Native American woman, is Book 2 in the Starbridge series. It can be read alone, but I would like to include the other books in the series. They are relatively diverse, although not to the extent that I would add them alone. Tesa also reappears in Book 5, Silent Songs. I also wonder about tagging this for nonbinary pronouns, because the characters who use “seloz” or “they” are minor ones.

What about a tag for interesting language usage? The narrator of Ancillary Justice is confused by gender (because she used to be a spaceship AI in a culture where gender wasn’t a part of the language) and calls everybody “she.” In Daughter of Elysium, one of the major cultures is matriarchal (and the other is entirely female), and so for the, the default term is “she” (for example, a robot is called “she” automatically instead of “he”).


One thought on “Early Progress

  1. Great idea! I’d honestly change the descriptions if they’re wrong. And “it”…yeah, change that. It’s been used poorly too many times. I would tag characters even if minor, but maybe have like, a special indication if things are minor? And I think that last part might go under queered culture but idk. You could have a “female-centered” or “matriarchy” tag, I suppose?


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